The One Nighter Mixtape

by Kadyelle and Kiel

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Each track has been written, recorded and mixed in one evening. Hard copies available via bandcamp or from July 27th.

Instrumentals used without permission but with the utmost respect for the producer and all associated artists. This mixtape is intended to be a bit of fun, with absolutely no royalties going to either Kadyelle or Kiel and with full recognition of the creative process and integrity of the production.


released August 20, 2011

Production from Debaser's acclaimed album "Crown Control"
Lyrics by K. Somerville & K. Unwin
Mixed by Kadyelle
Artwork by Kadyelle



all rights reserved


Kadyelle Bunbury, Australia

Kadyelle now releases music under the name Kady Starling.

Kady's new record "Waiting to Expire" to be released in 2017 through French indie label Dora Dorovitch.

Kadyelle has supported and toured with such acts as Sage Francis, Ozi Batla, Allday, M-Phazes, Phrase, Illy, Spit Syndicate, Grey Ghost, Optamus, Muph & Plutonic, Seth Sentry and many more.
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Track Name: ONE ft. Kiel (2011)

Ain’t a single second spent on second best,
misdirection mystified de high n mighty now they circumspect.
Now I serve direct purpose side-a perfect text,
Circumvent purses of the purposeless, common sensed.
Now I’m off the fence, wholly soul defence,
Solely for the sake of not forsaking what I’ve saved from death.
Yeah I paid the cheques, patiently I’ve paid respects,
Heckled for the message I injected with this flow correct (ah), check,
A checka checka my neck, I done put it on the block
To getta rep I can best reflect.
Yessir, it’s my je ne sais que, wicked visceral
Derision means shit now I envision this.
Blackened pastel fuck a grimmer dimmer image
Dummer dames fodder cannons, figure bitter bottled rage rapper.
Sage anger pretty plastic under praised wrapper
Factored in, I grapple with the same soul I practise with.

I’m one, I’m one, I’m one, I’m
Just one of many, one mind.
I’m binding, bound to insight.
One time, one time, one time.
I’m one, I’m one, I’m one, I’m
Just one of many, one mind.
I’m grinding, ground to fine lines.
One time, one time, one time.

From Dub-A to Brissy from Brissy to Dub-A and back,
Conversing for a purpose,
Bringing the underground to the surface,
You ain’t a wordsmith why don’t you try this on for size,
First they front then they try and reach a compromise,
I’m an honest guy I’ll tell you to your face if you’re about to get up on my bad side,
And Kadyelle knows how to rock a track right,
With a flow so fuckin dope you can find it under black lights,
Quicker than Stoners track bike it’s a fast race,
Say the wrong shit and ya nickname will be glass face,
Hey, meet my friend Johnny Walker bottle face stalker never a shit talker,
Warn ya, once do it again and get smacked kid,
With some killer punches in the form of this rap shit,
And damn sure Kady needs no back up,
Holding her own, she's the one and you'll get smacked up.

Track Name: Caged Creatures

You know it's gorgeous, for us it's forming, birthed like before from the earth and this morning morning
it's sacred, you've nurtured the breaking, watched as it fell from your bed upon waking waking
We workin', damn it's been worth it, worse than before- kinda coasting with purpose purpose
All night for nothing but the candlelight, weary as it melts another greeting to the daylight daylight
boredom forced us ta talkin', shook with the force of the bass and distortion
Caged creatures learn to fear freedom, taught by the bars that it's practical to need 'em

I, I, want, want, want, what, what, what, what, what they’ve got

Caged up with no way out I need to break the locks,
Feeling like I’m all alone cooped up in this box,
Wait and watch study the ways of this game I can learn a lot,
Did this for years before I let a burner drop,
Piece the plot together in an effort to reach the top,
It ain’t a race but I’m a place with no need to stop,
Flow hot like a stone fire oven in a pizza shop,
Kiel and Kadyelle spit over beats that ya need to rock,
On lock caged up call it what ya want,
Some next fucking level shit is what the fuck we on,
We got that product that ya feedin’ on,
And we keep the people screaming,
I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIII.................


Sunrays fall asleep on my Sundays,
Embrace it, nah, well maybe someday
Stay basic, face it, we just slaves mayne
They take it, cage it in this mundane state...

But damn it feels great,
A challenge put forth are these walls to break,
Cause life ain’t flawless mate,
In fact it’s the opposite,
And there ain’t a single mother fucking way of ever even stopping it,
And we copping it,
So we deal with it,
Some fake it I put a image that is real to it,
I think they listening, so if they listening,
I’ma break open my cage and pull these motherfuckers in


Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Damn, when I'm buggin' them heads gon' roll.
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Breaking this cage down heads gon' know.

Track Name: Where I'm From

The year 87, day 22nd of October, shit was over before it started,
The olds didn’t know that their kid was a target,
For this rap shit, in the sights of a marksman,
14 years old, I wrote my first rap song,
Around the same time that I smoked my first packed bong,
Shit, it wasn’t that long before I was a menace,
And started to act wrong,
Job here job there 17 I was a bum,
No respect asking for change from my mum,
18 cleaned my act up, nearly 24 now I live for this rap stuff, that’s it!

Where I’m from, it’s a story of a lifetime
From the graff on the walls to the raps that I write,
This is my life, my place that I’m graced with
Never gonna leave, never let nobody take it.
Where I’m from, there’s a median you live by
Walls get buffed and dreams are just to get by
My life won’t fall by the wayside
Throw ya hands up if you know that we live right

Damn – it’s been too many years now, burned a lotta bridges still flaming on the way down
I’m nostalgic on occasion, my temperament delayed my development, jaded for the helluvit
As a kid I was an outcast, out classed, doubt passed, round about the time i found outkast
And LeftEye, damn she could rap tight, went about my life like my lettering could change lives
And here we are, baby, firmly in the midst of it, figured it i never gon regret what i’ve given it
I was limited, i’m still wingin it, now watch how the phoenix rises right out the pyramid

Track Name: The Low Self Esteem Song

Sometimes I feel worthless, fuck the earth,
A hell raiser since birth, what is it worth,
Never was a high achiever, weed in my blood stream,
Never believed I could achieve even one dream,
Low self esteem, I’m a failure, a fuck up,
walking through life like I didn’t give a fuck,
I’m a lazy, rowdy, clown acting loudly,
And didn’t give a fuck what anybody thought about me,
A freak, a loner, labelled as a stoner,
Spent most my time just sitting at home,
Prone to zone out and forget about all of it,
A rock bottom hitting, shit talking type of awkward kid,
Should have saw this shit coming man, I started running damn,
You ever felt like this, please raise your hands,
It’s a jam we can all get down to,
I’ve changed my ways, now it’s down to you, yeah.

Switch me off, I'm just a waste of time
Fuck this off, it's like a quarter to nine

I’m un-developing, I’m underwhelming, you think you fuckin’ know me?
Sorry, I’m a phoney.
A bit cryptic, I write it like I flipped it, but I've been sidelined longer than i’ve lived it.
I’m kinda difficult... I’m surly, cynical, I'm barely even honest to myself right, typical.
I’m a letdown to everyone I hang around, I betcha even thinkin’ ‘this bitch gonna bring me down!’
Ahhh, shit... we in the thick of it. I hope we’re still friends at the end, man, isn’t it.
It’s a shame the way we validate the negative, I try to see the funny side – ha, yeah there it is.
I’m a smart girl, with no tenacity, I like to watch the world spin by, so quit harassin’ me
Let’s end this diddy on a good note, lazy bitches gotta throw hands up for the ... what?

Track Name: The Tapestry

And so I started with a single thread of tapestry
Fractured though it was I sowed a seam between the imagery
Pieced it back together with a little love and elbow grease
Damn, won’t ya check it now, the muthafuckin masterpiece.
So feel my eloquence, crafted outta common sense
The grass that flourished out of reach has found a way to breach the fence.
So there’s my beaten track, so often I would trace it back
But now I got a better class of company to gather slack.
Well this is something new I’ve sown and I can harvest soon
A daily kinda happiness that life could wound or time can prove.
And I’m devout about the value of my disbelief
Coz nothing stays the same except for change and that’s the mystery.

Now there’s a better way, baby don’t you hesitate
Seems to me we navigate the scenery in meta-state
It’s divinity, the way that we spin ‘n’ weave,
Conscious state, sit ‘n’ meditate on the tapestry

We start with the frayed jeans sow them into art,
The beat is the material giving us a place to start,
The voice is the art, words deep within my heart,
Mixing up a beauty, I can feel its vibe moving me,
Usually so brutal but now I’m trying it beautifully,
Is there any point or am I just acting stupidly?
To take something ugly and turn it into a masterpiece,
That’s too hard to beat it seems so hard to me,
But a part of me, also finds it hard to leave,
Because you can do it if you just believe,
I said,
A little part of me, also finds it hard to leave,
Because you can do it if you just believe, hey!


Between the failures and the victories, the hustle sticks
And even when we’re ash and dirt the world just shrugs and on it spins.
Inter-woven, interlocking, intricate design,
The pastel and the greyscale intimately intertwine.
And I’m no different, just a ghost that lingers on these streets
Fragile on the surface coz it’s broken underneath, like...

Yo, something hidden yet it’s written there in plain sight,
Something that we try to change, but never seem to take time,
To hit the brakes right? And fix mistakes right?
Yet we always seem so keen to move and take flight.

Track Name: Not One

Yeah I got a high seat above a sea, surge toward the surface says the facsimile
Like a pirate they scour across the skies for any sign of life they can throw from the side.
I’m important to the notion of the free world. See me hover over oceans, I’ma unfurl
I’ma billow in the breeze, now the sign reads, feast on the matter that preserves worthy findings.
So the last remaining beauty got caged, in a crypt with a glass case, encrypted inner mind state.
Fiction mandates, photo puppet handshakes, the winner saw the high stakes and bid against the white race...
How well will we outlast the sea storm? How long til alternative’s perceived norm?
How many fit, leap into a leaky ship, adrift admist the bracken we’re all drowning in the lack of it

...Not a single soul can follow where the dreams go...

The saying goes you’re innocent till proven guilty,
But it’s a load of shit we living in this filthy pit,
Full of lies and bullshit, serpents and pigs,
It seems planet earth is really hell where we live,
There’s no such thing as a perfect human being,
Pull back the curtains nothing looks real on the surface,
Evil even happens in the holiest of churches,
It seems we're condemned with a life full of curses,
It seems that we're living a life,
Underneath the devilish light,
And when we see it isn’t our time, we step aside,
For some poor soul to take the reins and take control,
Coz not a single soul can follow where the dreams go.


So diseased like the rest of these freaks. See me agonize the faith behind my disbelief.
We’re alone on a desolate island, clinging to the breast of a mother we’ve blinded.
I’ma tear apart the last blackened crumbs of me. Make a makeshift dummy of a smarter me.
You’re apart of me, amongst the arteries, surely we can burn right down to the heart we beat.

Or we can set free, every method we,
Used to try to become a race of pure pedigree,
Should we give up on dreams of normality?
And accept a life of ups and downs and tragedy,
I think we have to be, somehow magically,
Transformed to conform to what they call normal though,
How can a single soul follow where the dreams go man, I dunno, damn.